On September 30, 1990, several Christian families who were living and meeting together in Beaumont celebrated the establishing of the first local church meeting in that city. Ever since that time, we have met together as the church in Beaumont.

For the first six years, we met in our own homes. Then during a prayer meeting in the spring of 1996, we began to consider before the Lord whether we should acquire a designated meeting place for the sake of newcomers. After much fellowship and prayer, we decided to pool our resources, buy some property, and construct a meeting hall. As the construction neared completion, invitations were printed up and distributed throughout all the surrounding neighborhoods. The first meeting was held in the new hall on November 9th, 1996.

From the very beginning, whether in homes or in the meeting hall, the believers here have always been committed to having weekly Lordís table meetings with the bread and the wine on Sunday mornings to remember Christ and to honor the Father with hymns of praise and thanksgiving. The table meeting is followed by a prophesying meeting in which all the participants are invited to share something of their enjoyment of Christ for the building up and encouragement of all. There is also a prayer meeting during the middle of the week in which the saints come together and pray according to how we feel led by the Spirit.

Beginning in 1993, the church in Beaumont began to pick up the responsibility for the preaching of the gospel. Initially, this was conducted mainly at the University of Lamar. It began with two brothers who would go to the campus on their lunch hour and gradually grew to involve the whole church, with dinner and Bible-study meetings on campus every Saturday night. On Labor Day of 1997, a couple who meets with the church purchased a house very close to the University for the purpose of furthering the gospel effort there. A number of unbelieving students have come to these meetings, have received Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, and have been baptized. Since the fall of 1998 we have also endeavored to bring the gospel to Beaumontís neighborhoods; currently, two or three brothers go out to preach the gospel every Sunday afternoon. These brothers visit peopleís homes, introducing themselves as simple believers, lovers, and followers of the Lord Jesus. They then present the gospel in a way to minister Christ Himself into those who would take the time and have the heart to listen. The entire church supports these efforts in prayer and fellowship and expects to see the Lordís blessing poured out upon His church.