Who’s in Charge?

In August of 1980 I was on leave from the U.S. Navy. At my brother David’s request I went to a summer video training on a book of the Bible. This was not what I had planned to do on my leave. The Living Stream Ministry had part of their publishing efforts in Houston at that time so I volunteered to work on the cutting machine. This was very physical work and others were taking 2 hour shifts. A brother there showed me the correct operation and said to let him know if I had questions or needed anything. The atmosphere was one of cooperation and oneness, more than I had ever experienced in my 8 years in the Navy. I remarked about this and was told that under the Lord’s headship the oneness was a natural product. I was so refreshed by this newness I worked the cutting machine for 8 straight hours.

Over the 19 years I have been in the church there has been much growth, and many of the wrong concepts I had dissolved. One example has to do with “calling on the name of the Lord.” My concept was very contracted and short. I argued with my brother, David, one night about his continual calling during the day when we were together. Eventually he said, “Let’s pray together about it.” We went to bed that night with the matter unresolved. The next morning at “morning watch,” before David joined us, one of the other brothers said, “I have a verse to share.” The verse and the way it was shared was a direct word from God to me that we should call on the Lord in every place and at every time. (1 Corinthians 1:2)

The Lord has given my family so much through the ministry. We are so very grateful for the grace that passes understanding.

George “Mack” Vinson